The Professional Upkeep Solutions Your Property Needs

Preserve the appearance and condition of your property with the help of Skytek Building Services, LLC in Tucson, Arizona. We offer comprehensive building maintenance, waterproofing, and cleaning solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial clients.

Window Cleaning

We are experienced in cleaning the windows of small properties like retail shops and restaurants. Aside from that, our experts are well-versed in working on large real estate projects such as high-rise buildings and resorts.

Our company also owns a wide variety of necessary equipment for the job. These include rappelling devices, a swing stage, a 60' boom lift, ladders, scaffolds, and more. Having such equipment at our disposal allows us to offer services at the lowest rates.

Pressure Washing

SKYTEK Building Services, LLC uses hot water and biodegradable chemicals to remove gum, grease, pigeon debris, and other materials from dumpster areas, sidewalks, beams, ledges, walls, substrates, and more.

Pigeon Barriers and Cleanup

Our company provides pigeon control services by installing stainless steel spikes on signs, ledges, beams, and anywhere these birds gather. We can also set up pigeon nets for areas such as AC equipment spaces, enclosures, awnings with exposed beams, and courtyards.

In addition, we provide rooftop cleanup services to help clear out old nests from under swamp coolers, low-lying air ducts, and other places. We will then install screens to prevent more pigeons from nesting there.

Caulking and Sealing

SKYTEK Building Services, LLC provides caulking and sealing services for different surfaces, including tilt-up walls, expansion joints, windows, exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS), floor penetrations, stress cracks, and more.

Roofing Services

We perform roof pressure washing, leak repairs, preventive maintenance, and more. Our company also provides full roof coating solutions using sustainable materials, which offer the following advantages:

  • Lowers Roof Temperatures

  • Costs Less Than Other New Roof Systems

  • Specifically Designed for Hot Climates

  • No Seams To Fail

  • No Need To Tear Off the Roofing, Helping Keep Old Roof Materials Out of Landfills


This service includes the waterproofing of stucco, EIFS, and concrete structures like walkways, exterior walls, and brick surfaces.


Contact us for exemplary building maintenance and cleaning solutions. It would be our pleasure to help you keep your property in good condition.